Who are we?

The Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) is an unincorporated association made up of regional and national fastener associations concerned with the distribution, manufacture and importation of fasteners as well as services to the fastener industry. Originally formed in the 1980s, the FIC was instrumental in effecting change to the Fastener Quality Act. In 1999, the Act was completely revised changing an unworkable piece of legislation that literally would have cost the industry billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses into a practical Act that enhanced the integrity of our industry’s product. The FIC has evolved into an important organization within the fastener industry. With all of the regional fastener associations, three national associations and a training institute as members, the FIC is the only organization in the fastener industry where specific industry topics can be addressed and acted upon by an existing collective industry network. Political advocacy is still a high priority for the FIC.


To provide support and resources to participating fastener industry associations, to help them improve efficiency, effectiveness and membership value.


Provide additional avenues of fastener and association information through social media, news outlets, and more to keep our fastener community well informed.


Inform, support, and promote training opportunities and valuable education programs within the fastener community including content from all regional fastener associations.


Make networking and more purposeful content readily available to the fastener community through both current association events and new events as they evolve.