30 UNDER 30

In conjunction with the Young Fastener Professionals association, FIC will again this year highlight 30, young industry professionals who are really making a difference in the industry. These individuals should be natural-born leaders who are driven, motivated and passionate about their jobs and the future of this industry. Applicants can range in departments, levels of experience and geographic location. Applicants can be nominated by either a colleague or themselves by completing the nomination form. The winners will be recognized at the National Fastener Industrial & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas, October 21, 2015.

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Class of 2015


Allison Morse, Innovative Components

Bobby Boulette, Perkins Machine Company

Candice Cedillo, Above Board Electronics

Carl Lipski, Buckeye Fastener Co.
Chris LiCausi, Field Fastener

Christopher Mader, OMG, Inc.

Daniel Devora, Bayou City Bolt

Gary Graham, National Threaded Fasteners

Jason Ruetz, AIS All Integrated Solutions

Jason Webster, North East Fastener Corp.

Jennifer Ruetz, AIS All Integrated Solutions

Jewel Burks, ParkPic

Jorge Rosales, Brighton Best International

Joseph Pearce, SPIROL International Corp.

Kyle Hinckley, Cable Ties Unlimited
Kyle Miller, Bamal Fastener Corp.

Luke Carlton, H.W. Eckhardt Corp.

Mark Goodman, Industrial Rivet & Fastener

Marlon Gamez, Industrial Threaded Products

Matt Angel, AFIXX Alliance

Michael Naidenovich, AFI Industries Inc.

Nathaniel Durgin Jr.,
 Yankee Industrial Supply

Rusty Flocken, Valley Forge & Bolt

Sandra Way, Hodell-Natco Industries

Sandy Salinas, Cube Global

Spencer Sanford, Wurth Service Supply, Inc.

Taryn Goodman, Industrial Rivet & Fastener

Timothy Irwin, OMG, Inc.

Tosha Morgan, Martin Fastening Solutions

Zach Barr, Field Fastener


Class of 2014


Josh Ballard, Sems & Specials
John Medcalf, Field Fastener
Julie Clarke, BHJ Bay City Screw & Bolt
TJ Munson, International Fasteners
Shelby Cunningham, Hudson Fasteners, Inc.
Mark Meyers, Komar Screw
Kristen Kessler, Solution Industries
Landon Nye, LISI Aerospace
Cory Facemire, NSK Industries
Melissa Patel, Field Fastener
Alexandra Giangrande, Nylok
Christopher Rider, Stelfast, Inc.
Andy Graham, National Threaded Fasteners
Aaron Shushan, Specialty Sales Reps
Angelo Gramulgia, Jergens
John Sundstrom, Sems & Specials
Mark Hundley, Unytite, Inc.
Colin Tansey, Specialty Bolt
Allison James, Stelfast, Inc.
Andrew Urhausen, All American Systems
Christopher Jeznach, SPIROL
Jeffrey Van Fossen, Penn Engineering
Miguel Jones, Divspec (Edwards & West)
Bryan Wheeler, Star Stainless Screw Co.
Jordan Lohrens, Trinity Logistics
Dustin Windsor, Solution Industries
Mathew Lomando, Bel-Metric
Adam Wong, Bisco Industries
Patricia Lomando, Bel-Metric
Caleb Zehnder, Trinity Logistics

Rules for Choosing the 30

A committee of five people will choose the 30 Under 30.  The committee will be comprised of members of the Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) and the Young Fastener Professionals (YFP).

Criteria used to choose the 30 will include information submitted on the application forms.  Because we are not using measurable indicators such as GPA or things used by scholarship committees, the decisions will be largely subjective.  For this reason, we are electing to have five committee members, or five different points of view.

Although there are no measurable indicators, some of the things we would ask the committee members to consider would include the following:

Length of time at their current position

- Position within their organization (president or other officer, national account manager, regional account manager, lead programmer, or any other designation that indicates they have exceptional responsibilities at their company)

- Any measurable progress noted (cost saving initiatives, sales increases, demonstrable efficiency increases, etc.) in their statement/essay.

Bio Information – whether this is a personal application submitted or an application submitted by a sponsor, this portion will weigh heaviest on determining who will be named in the 30

With five committee members, there will be no ties.  Each member of the committee will see each application for review.  Committee members who work with any of the nominees will not be allowed to vote on those applicants unless there is a 2-2 tie from the other committee members.   At this time a dictated point system will not be put into place as it is not fair to set constraining parameters on such a new program.  After this first time of selecting 30 under 30, the application will be reviewed by the committee to determine if changes need to be made.

This program is designed to recognize and encourage the young employees of our industry to make the fastener industry a long term commitment because they can be part of a better future for the industry.